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This is a roleplaying journal for the character Dakki Sigal. It's maintained by [personal profile] lampdevil. If you've got any thoughts or criticisms as to how I'm playing this character, lay it on me! Anonymous commenting is on, comments will be screened, so go on ahead and let it all hang out.

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Dakki's house is at 1337 Pound Cake Lane.

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"Hello! This is Dakki Sigal. I'm not available at the moment, but leave me a message I'll get back to you as soon as possible."
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Dakki's application can be found here.

Residence: 458 Stone Street

Regains: Nano Transformer (Post here)
CAST Body (Post here)
Cosmo Fountain (Post here)
"Masamunera" A-Rank Photon Saber (Post here)
"Double Saber" A-Rank Photon double saber
"Deathmaker" A-Rank twin handguns (Post here)
"Orpaline" S-Rank Line Shield
GUARDIANS standard-issue goggles (Post here)
The following selection of Gurhalian healing items:
4 x Dimate (Heals moderate wounds) (1 used during Portalfield, Day 6)
2 x Trimate (Heals major wounds) (1 used during Portalfield, Day 6)
5 x Antimate (Purges toxins)
1 x Moon Atomizer (Revives "incapacitated" people)
1 x Star Atomizer (Has the effect of a Trimate, but over a larger area, can effect multiple targets) Used during Portalfield, Day 6
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[Action - 458 Stone Street, backdated to the 25th]

[Christmas had come, everyone un-personed had been re-personed, gifts were under the tree, all was good...

And Dakki stood in front of the tree in living room, staring at the Cosmo Fountain that "Santa" had been so kind as to give her back.

Yes. It is a toilet. A very fancy toilet. More or less.]

I... I can't. I just... no.

[That'll teach her not to clean her storage out regularly! But wait, there's an envelope tucked in the branches of the tree with her name printed on it in big letters. She doesn't dare hope that it's anything at all nice, what with having gotten a freaking toilet for Christmas. Still. She's curious. She has to know. So she tears it open, and pulls out a card. It has an image of a generic CAST body on it.]


[MERRY CHRISTMAS, OH YES. There's a burst of blue light, and when it fades, what was blonde and pink is now purple and... more purple. She's clad in close-fitting armor, she has antennae rather than ears, and there are seams on what little exposed skin she has.]


[Action - Around Town, backdated to the 25th]

[When you get an excellent present, you want to go around and show it off to everyone. And that's just what Dakki's doing, walking through Mayfield with a spring in her step and her head held high. She tied on a scarf and plunked on hat just because she felt it looked nice, but the cold seems to be giving her little trouble at all.

This walk is not just for showing off, however. If you're a friend of hers (Lucas, Nina, Quinn, Thor, Loki, Rin...) or heck, even if you've just talked to her a bit before and she liked you (Ciel, Gamzee, Megamind, Disciple, Pokey, Taiwan okay okay this could go on for a while, if you think you deserve a gift you are SO GETTING ONE...) she'll be knocking on your door, chasing you down with a "Hello!" or just plain leaving a gift in your mailbox.

You're all getting scarves.

All of you. Some of them are red with black stripes at the ends, and some of them are green with white stripes at the ends, and they're all actually decent scarves... but that's it. Scarves. Seems she's actually not bad at knitting. And she had a lot of time to kill in the evenings.]
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[Action A - Locked to 458 Stone Street]

[Gat had just watched the announcement, and Dakki had been standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, listening in. Wasn't that just a dream? A dream was just a dream, not... not real.

And she felt real. Perfectly real. What sort of koltova crap was this? She wrinkled her nose and looked back at Gat.]

You don't believe that, do you? That's... that's silly! I'm still here.

[Oh. Oh, Dakki.]

[Action B - Around Town]

[Dakki's spirit hadn't been entirely broken yet. Sure, she was getting horrible looks from everyone, but she could handle that. Totally could. She could take anything, she was strong, damn it. So she'd go about her normal business, doing the shopping and picking up some things for the house, like more yarn and blankets, and stopping in to maybe check on friends.

She might be feeling much less optimistic and later, depending on how well those friends react to her.]

[Phone, evening]

...everyone dreamed, didn't they?

How... true do you think it all was? What we dreamed? How... how much truth was there in it? None, right? It was just... to trick us, wasn't it?

[Her tone is pleading enough that the unvoiced "please say yes, please say yes" is easy to detect.]
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[Action A - 458 Stone Street]

[Regular life in Mayfield, as much as Dakki had previously come to dislike it, was a relief in comparison to what had happened after Thanksgiving. She had been content to just live, and tend to the house, and take care of her drone daughters, and pet Chen, and be so, so thankful that Gat was still there...

Then came a small box for her in the mail, that morning. Which reminded her of all her previous discontenment, and then filled her with excitement. It could be her body! HER BODY! He real, honest-to-light body, right there, in that box! She scooped it up, tucked the other mail under one arm, and rushed back inside.]

I have mail! I have mail! Guys, guys!

[It was all plunked down on the kitchen table, and Dakki ripped the lid off of her package in her excitement. And seeing what was inside, her face fell. It was not her body. It was a small stock of Gurhalian healing items.], c'mon! That's not fair!

[Action B - Library]

[Once again, Dakki finds herself at the town library. While it may hold few new cookbooks for her, she's on the hunt for something different this time. And there are three or four books already held in the crook of her left arm. They're all about knitting. Approach?]

[Action C - Shopping]

[Having decided for herself that she's going to learn how to knit, she's off to get supplies. Getting the needles was no real problem, but picking yarn.. that's tough. She's holding up two different balls of red, each with a slightly different shade, trying to make up her mind.]

If I could just get one of each... no, it'd cost too much...

[Phone, evening]

I didn't even realize it until everyone else started talking and decorating but... Christmas is coming, isn't it? It seems a little different than the Christmas I'm familiar with... but there are still presents, right? And trees? And special food?

Although... on the subject of presents... I'm not sure what I can get for my friends. I can't afford to buy them all something big. I'd like to make something... but I'm a bad cook, and I'm only just learning how to knit... Would anyone have any suggestions...?
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[Action A - 458 Stone Street]

[Encouraged by her successes in producing reasonably tasty pancakes and perfectly acceptable sandwiches, Dakki decided to move on to something new. Something different. Something that, according to the instructions in the recipe book, didn't look all that difficult. She was going to make spaghetti with meat sauce.

So onions were chopped (poorly), garlic was minced (sortakinda), ground beef was browned, cans of tomatoes and tomato paste were emptied into a heavy-bottomed pot, and... wait. Wait, the recipe called for mushrooms. Where had that can of mushrooms gone? But how convenient that the front garden had such lovely, tempting-looking mushrooms growing in it...

And of course, she had to taste the sauce, after it had been simmering for a while. And then taste a little more, because it was quite good.

And then she set the spoon down, and stared at her hands with bewildered fascination.]

...These aren't mine.

No, no, they are, but...

Gat? Chen? Look, look! I have my first body back! Isn't that strange?

[Nothing of the sort has actually happened. She's still human. But she's quite convinced that she's a HUCaseal again.]

[Action B - Around Town, late afternoon]

♪ BGM: The nearest place to heaven part 1 (Repeat)

[Having wandered off with the intention of showing all of her new friends her old body, Dakki was soon distracted from this task. Mayfield's streets were no longer Mayfield's streets. To her, she was wandering the halls and shops of Pioneer 2, or the woods and fields around the Central Dome, or the warm caverns beneath Ragol's surface.]'s you? Oh! It's you! It's been so long!

[And everyone she comes across (and a few inanimate objects, for good measure) are being recognized as old friends and acquaintances and rivals.]

Don't you remember me? You... you do, don't you?

[But none of them have anything good to say, it seems. And she's rapidly growing more and more upset.]

[Action C - Around Town, evening]

♪ BGM: Pray, for "IDOLA" the distorted (Repeat)

[Dakki's magical mushroom hallucinatory voyage has moved into much choppier waters. She's back in the ruins beneath Ragol, reliving every traumatic moment she once experienced there. Which is manifesting outwardly as, for example, her rushing in to "save" someone from a nearby encroaching mailbox, slicing it into chunks with her photon saber. Or her tackling them out of the way of absolutely nothing. She hasn't attacked anyone, but some serious property damage is being racked up.]

Get away! Go! GO! RUN!

[Action D - Park, late evening]

♪ BGM: After the story 2 (Repeat)

[Physically exhausted from the late hour of the evening and the out-of-her gourd stressed-out exertion of the day, Dakki has collapsed. She has nothing more to give, but hallucinations still grip her. She can be found curled up in a ball, cowering behind a park bench, weeping horribly.]

Please... I can't do this, not anymore, I... I'm sorry... It's my fault...
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[Phone, backdated to November 1st]

This is a call for anyone who knows Aurica Nestmile. As of this morning, she...

She's been droned, and if the information that I've been given is correct, it's not temporary.

[There's an uncomfortable, pained pause.]

I'm sorry.

We'll take good care of her.


[Action A - 458 Stone Street, Morning, November 16th]

[The days had been dreary ones for Dakki, after Aurica's droning. Chen and Gat were still fine company, and she was very much thankful for them. But Aurica was someone that she had promised to protect and care for. And she had been unable to do that. The town had made it impossible. The injustice of Mayfield had become much more clear, and it was weighing on her much more heavily.

Still, she could be cheered up. And she was somewhat cheered to see that there was a package in the mail for her. It was a small box, as tall as it was wide. Somehow, she knew it wouldn't be her body... hadn't Gat gotten his back on a card? But if it was still hers, that was still something. She placed it down on the kitchen table, broke the packing tape with a knife, and then flipped open the lid.]

It's...? Oh, hey!

[It was a deactivated photon saber, which looked to be no more than a foot-long handle. Dakki held it up and turned it about, then smiled as she saw the spot engraved with her name. Making sure the kitchen was clear, she held it at the ready and powered it on. A brilliant green-white blade of solid light grew from the hilt. Three small photon stabilizers floated free and orbited around the base of the sword. This was a proper weapon.

The day was suddenly looking much more cheerful.]

[Action B - Park, Morning and Afternoon]

[Like a child with a new toy, Dakki very much wants to show off her regained weapon. It was under the pretense of "needing practice", as all of her training sessions over the last few months were with conventional weapons with conventional weapon balances... but practice probably didn't necessitate that much joyful "hah!"ing and "huwah!". Or that many acrobatic leaps.]
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[A - Action - 458 Stone Street, Morning]

[Welcome to a brand new day in Mayfield, household! Dakki is up bright and early like always, and today she is humming pleasantly to herself while she mixes together the batter for pancakes. This is perfectly normal. Surely, there is nothing wrong with this.

She's even using chocolate chips, for extra deliciousness!]

[B - Action - Around Town, mid-day]

[One of the most normal things for Dakki to do on a day like this would be to go to the park and train! It's important to keep fit, after all. Perhaps you'll catch her jogging laps, or doing push-ups, or practicing with the long staff she made for herself. Be careful not to get too close, though.]

Ah, out of the way, now! [A light, airy laugh] You're slowing me down! But I wouldn't dream that you could ever keep up with me, you poor thing...

[And so on. And so forth.]

[C - Action - Up and down Stone Street at high volume]

[Why are there two blonde women running up and down the street, exchanging blows with makeshift weapons? And why is one only in her undergarments? And slightly sticky?]


Not if you keep telegraphing your moves like that!

[The one only in her skivvies seems much, much angrier than the one in the nice blue dress and pearls.]
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[A - Action, downtown, mid-morning/afternoon]

[It's important for a housewife to go grocery shopping. The household had to eat, didn't it? Even the nanoceran-plated member of the family wasn't exempt. Dakki's heart really wasn't into it today, though. You might find her staring off into space and leaning on her cart, can in hand, lost in thought.]

[B - Action, Rec Center, afternoon]

[With her shopping done and safely tossed in nano-storage, Dakki is off to take care of the next part of her plans for the day. She had to take a look at that "Rec Center" that Quinn had told her about! she wanted to assess the size of the facilities, equipment, and just how she'd go about getting use of a big room for a few hours each week.

Fitness and self-defense classes need to be held somewhere. Preferably somewhere indoors. Wasn't winter coming? Putting it in her backyard wouldn't do.]

[C - Action, Closed to 458 Stone Street, evening]

[Supper tonight at the Gatt household was... not really supper at all. Dakki had left out a loaf of fresh sliced bread and fillings for sandwiches, and had announced a weak "serve yourselves", before retreating to the backyard.

She had unfolded a lawn chair and sunk back into it, staring bleakly up at the sky. Tonight was as good a night as any to get her mope on. Aurica had become so distant. This body was only continuing to fail her. For the first time in a long time, she was not an expert and did not know the absolute best thing to do. She didn't even know the worst thing to do. She was utterly at a loss... but not ready to admit it and seek help.

Sunset was nice. Even a fake sunset in an alien sky was something pretty to watch. She'd do that. Watch the sunset and wait for this to pass.]
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[Action A | Saturday, Sept. 17th, mid-day onwards, Around Mayfield]

[Undeath wasn't agreeing with Dakki. She had "died" before, or at least gotten extremely close to it, and this didn't compare on an "oh Holy Light it hurts" level. In fact, she felt numb. Quite the blessing, given the poor state of her left calf and the gnawed mess that was her neck.

It's little comfort. She failed, and traumatized Aurica, and left Gat alone, and now she's like this. And hungry. And too damned stubborn to give into it. Instead? She's off roaming the town, frying pan in hand, bashing in the skulls of any other undead that shamble her way.

She's very obviously infected. Her skin is already starting to discolor, and a neck injury as bad as that would hamper a living person considerably more.]


[CLANG-splat, and down goes another zombie. Regardless of her fate and her failure, she'll try to be useful as long as she can.]

[Action B | Sunday, Sept. 18th and onwards, Also Around Mayfield]

[Hunger delayed is hunger that only compounds itself. And Dakki has finally fallen to irresistible undead hunger. If you get within her field of vision, and you look edible? Then you'll have a drooling, snarling, blank-eyed and bloody-mouthed blonde lady upon you.]


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